Donor SegmentationData Mining & AnalysisTargeted Communication DevelopmentLogistics PlanningFinancial Leader Model & Ask Strategy
Utilizing giving history donor segments are created helping to identify Financial Leaders, potential Financial Leaders, and understand how your attendees have historically connected to your ministry.
Through existing organizational data demographic and involvement information is gathered and filtered. During this phase Financial Leaders will be profiled to help understand capacity.
For each of the identified segments developed through the first two steps of the process a unique communication strategy will be developed. Delivering a message to each group that will resonate with the way(s) they are already connected to your ministry will boost the amount and depth of engagement in your campaign.
Campaigns involve a million details to be managed and organized. Planning out the logistics involves some of the following:

• Communications plan – who, what, how, and when we will communicate with throughout the entire campaign period
• Pledge & giving card creation
• Online pledge & giving systems development
• Branding & marketing materials
• Event Planning
• Process for tracking and recording pledges
• Pledge processing volunteer development

Implementing data analytics and a research process that will determine the capacity of a Financial Leader and determine a specific challenge amount.


Lead GiftsSegmented CommunicationEventsPlatform Communication & Implementation

Often times lead gifts come primarily from Financial Leaders, however, opportunities for lead gifts from staff, elders or board members, key volunteer leaders, or any other of the target segment are also an option. We will work with you to determine lead gift goals.

Implementation of the targeted communication programs crafted in the design phase.
Community events around the campaign are opportunities to bring the whole organization together to cast vision.

Utilizing your platform time to deliver a series of communications around mission and vision.


Commitment ProcessingCommitment Confirmation & CelebrationEventsReporting, Forecasting, & Cash Flow Planning
Using a proven process to ensure accurate recording of all commitments into your database or accounting system.
Celebrate campaign results, thank donors, verify commitment amounts, and encourage giving.
Community events around the campaign are opportunities to bring the whole organization together to cast vision.
The data collected through the campaign and pledge process can provide a great amount of information about your organization and donor engagement.

  • Metric Dashboard – donors who engaged for the first time, those who increased or decreased their level of involvement, how people plan to contribute, and which segments they fall into will help you understand your community in a deeper way.
  • Forecasting – predict how and when gifts are likely to be made.
  • Cash Flow Planning – using the giving forecast and modeling the campaign project expenses and cash outlays. During this phase we can also assist in determining if outside funding would be required in order to accomplish your goals. If funding is needed, we would be happy to assist with the process of securing financing.