Many churches and nonprofits operate from a reactive position, struggling to effectively fund their operations.  Infinity Giving - About UsGiving is rarely mentioned unless it’s time for a new building or big project. At Infinity Giving, we’ve learned through experience there’s a better, more sustainable way to underwrite ministries and their goals.

There are two key components to financial sustainability:  operational excellence and strategic intentionality. While a ministry may be healthy with only one of these elements, combining the two unleashes powerful, God-sized results.

Infinity Giving brings a team of skilled experts to the task of building a giving ministry focused on financial leaders.  Our process is personalized to each client, expertly built through years of ground floor, real-world collaboration.  We apply data analysis and insight to help you better understand your specific giving base, develop a plan for engaging them, and train you and your staff to maximize the limitless potential of your financial leaders.

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