Stewardship TrainingOne Fund AssessmentGoal & Metric Development
Connecting people with God’s heart for generosity and giving.
Working together we will assess your organization’s goals, current status of giving and engagement, and future initiatives to determine if a One Fund model is right for you.
We will help you set organizational goals to ensure that your people are growing in the spirit of generosity and your organization has the funding it needs to accomplish its mission. To ensure goals are being met and that you have an early warning of any potential problems, we will help you develop a Generosity Dashboard with several metrics.


Engaging New DonorsRestricted Support ConversionProject Giving Conversion

Using a targeted approach based on current ministry involvement, we will help introduce people to God’s heart for generosity.

If One Fund is a goal, we will help you craft communications to introduce existing restricted fund donors to a new vision for funding ministry and help you execute the conversion of the giving to the new One Fund.

As the campaign draws to a close we will work together to ensure that the generosity of campaign donors continues to build by encouraging operational giving.